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Year-Round Bundle | Down To The Roots Pack

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Lawn Care: It Starts at the Roots

No one wants a weak root or a bad root, so we've put together a care package that gets right down to it: soaking your roots to help feed and strengthen them, and stop any weeds growing before they're even seen.

1x Lawn Rescue 
Down to The Roots Bundle - LSA Lawn Rescue 2lt - Buy Online

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1x Buffalo Weed Control 
Down to The Roots Bundle - LSA Oxafert Pre-Emergent Herbicide & Fertiliser 3kg - Buy Online


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We Recommend: Strengthen your lawn's roots by giving them a good soaking of water less frequently rather than light watering more frequently - use Lawn Rescue to help. Use Oxafert to stop weeds germinating underneath the soil, before they're even visible so they don't stand a chance.

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