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GLT's Summer Lawn Care Package

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Green Life Turf's
is here!!

When it comes to seasons and environmental lawn care considerations, we've got you covered!

Here's what your lawn's going to need this summer:

  1. Fertiliser - Green Life Turf's Health Booster Lawn & Plant Food Fertiliser
  2. Spreader - EarthWay's Hand Operated Spreader
  3. Lawn Guide - Lawn Solutions Australiak's Loving Your Lawn 2017 Guide 

Green Life Turf's Health Booster: New and improved formula: N 19.64%, P 4%, K 12.69%, Ca 1.07%, + trace elements + volcanic ash dust, you can’t go past this beautiful fertiliser and its amazing results for your lawns and plants!

EarthWay's 1900 Homeowner Broadcast Spreader: Great for small to medium areas, shaving time off your fertilising job, perfect for fertilising every season! Rustproof poly hopper, adjustable rate control, high-speed hand crank gearbox, ergonomic handle, integrated scoop, 5-year limited manufacturer warranty. What’s not to love??

Lawn Solutions Australia’s Loving Your Lawn Guide 2017: Get all the tips and tricks from the turf farmers, turf sellers, and turf lovers! Your lawn will thank you for it!

Grass Guru Recommends: Fertilise as soon as you can, and again at the end of summer / beginning of autumn. 



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