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Oxafert Pre-Emergent Herbicide & Fertiliser - 3kg


Are weeds a common recurring problem for your lawn?
Get Lawn Solutions Oxafert!

 Prevents weeds coming up in your lawn and at the same time feeds your lawn.

 Safe to use on all healthy warm-season grasses.

 Kills weeds before they're visible.

 Note: will not kill existing weeds.

Lawn Solutions Oxafert Herbicide & Fertiliser is a great solution to control many annual grasses and broad leaf weeds found in warm-season grasses.

It is a pre-emergent herbicide which means it kills off weeds before they even emerge from the ground!

It's registered for use in many various turf situations, both domestic and commercial, like lawns, sporting fields, golf greens, fairways, etc.

Coverage (3kg): 100m2

Why We Love This Product: 

  • Those nasty weeds won't even stand a chance! As soon as the germinating weed comes into contact with the herbicide, it's curtains for them!
  • It will not inhibit turf root growth and recovery from any damage.
  • It does not prevent grass roots from tacking down.

Grass Guru Recommends: Use when you need both a fertiliser and herbicide in turf where nitrogen, phosphorus an potassium are required such as the varieties we grow at the farm

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