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Professional Turf Fertiliser + Trace Elements - 2.5kg & 8kg [Lawn Solutions Australia]


Lawn sensitive to weather, weeds and disease?
Apply LSA’s Professional Fertiliser + Trace Elements

Specifically formulated to help you grow a strong, healthy lawn that looks fabulous and is robust to withstand disease and weeds.

Professional Turf Fertiliser + Trace Elements by Lawn Solutions Australia is a premium, slow release fertiliser. It does not need immediate irrigation after application and provides 10 weeks’ release.

This fertiliser mix contains all the essential nutrients (nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium – NPK 22-1-4), along with trace elements of Iron (Fe) and Sulphur (S) to encourage the best performance from your lawn and keep it in its best shape.

Options: We sell LSA's Professional Fertiliser + Trace Elements in 2.5kg and 8kg bags. To purchase the size that's right for you, simply select the variant in the "size" box at the top of this page.

Coverage: 25g to 40g / 1m2
   = 2.5kg: 62.5m2 to 100m2
   = 8.0kg: 200m2 to 320m2

Why We Love This Product: LSA’s Professional Turf Fertiliser + Trace Elements gives even weakened turf a second chance, bringing it back to health while growing stronger and more robust.

Grass Guru Recommends: Fertilise at the start of every season to help restore your lawn.



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