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ColourGuard Lawn Colourant - 100ml or 2lt [Lawn Solutions Australia]


Lawn looking dormant and dull?
Use ColourGuard for its beauty and health!

ColourGuard, a natural grass colourant by Lawn Solutions Australia, is an organic pigment that is naturally absorbed by your grass leaf blades.

See what Jason Hodges - celebrity landscaper on Better Homes & Gardens and landscape business owner Greenart Gardenshas to say about it: 

ColourGuard is 100% organic and non-toxic, so safe for our environment and your pets, kids - and other wildlife! It improves the appearance of your lawn all year around.

Summer with ColourGuard - ColourGuard provides UV protection while still allowing filtered light to hit the leaf blade, helping to keep your lawn healthy and happy!

Winter with ColourGuard - ColourGuard creates the warmth of colour that attracts the heat it needs to stay healthy. It also greens up the look of your lawn for a beautiful colour, even in its dormant winter months.

Options: We sell ColourGuard Lawn Colourant in a 2lt hose-on spray and a 100ml concentrate. To purchase the one that's right for you, simply select the variant in the "size" box at the top of this page.

     2lt hose-on bottle: 150m2
     100ml concentrate: 200m2

Why We Love This Product: What's not to love? Beneficial and safe to our environment, plus bragging rights to the best looking and healthiest lawn in the street!

Grass Guru Recommends: Apply ColourGuard every three months for year-round benefits.




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