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Lawn Soaker - 2lt [Lawn Lovers]


Got dry lawn?
Here's your solution!

Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker is a premium lawn hydration solution that helps drought-proof your lawn!

Lawn Soaker is a ready-to-use soil wetting agent primarily developed for use on dry lawns. It improves the penetration of water so moisture can reach deep down into your lawn's roots - exactly where you need it!

Regular use will re-wet your soil, get rid of dry spots, and prevent any more from forming. Your lawn will look like it's been laid on the very best soil base even in the driest of conditions.

With over ten years of testing and research, Lawn Lovers Lawn Soaker has proven to be perfect for dry Australian summers and especially hydrophobic lawns.

Coverage (2lt): 150m2.

Why We Love This Product: It works and it's simple to use - simply attach the pack to your garden hose and release the plug from the bottle; your hose tap will turn on and off the Lawn Soaker spray.

Grass Guru Recommends: Once you apply your lawn with Lawn Soaker, give your lawn another good spray of water. 



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