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Lawn Rescue - 2lt [Lawn Lovers]


Dry roots? Tired, hungry, struggling lawn?
Use Lawn Lovers Lawn Rescue!

Lawn Lovers Lawn Rescue is an effective fertiliser for promoting the development of root systems and turf growth. It can revive a struggling lawn and restore it to its natural health and beauty!

It is specifically developed to stimulate, support and protect new root growth in turf, while optimising water availability to the plant. 

Lawn Rescue features both vital nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium, and rehydration properties like organic seaweed kelp and polyacrylamide water storage technology that keeps the water in the root zone where it’s needed.

Coverage (2lt): 150m2

Why We Love This Product: Lawn Rescue comes in an easy to use clip-on hose pack, contains no nasty chemicals, and does the job of a starter fertiliser to existing established lawns!

Grass Guru Recommends: Don’t give up on your lawn before you try Lawn Lovers Lawn Rescue. Start with a patch test to really see the difference. Alternatively, if you're laying brand new turf or a new garden bed, we recommend adding Sir Launcher to your underlay or soil. Available in a 3kg Sir Launcher bucket or 900g Sir Launcher tub.



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