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* NEW FORMULA! * Health Booster Lawn & Plant Food Fertiliser - 10kg


A year-round fertiliser to keep your plants and lawn beautiful and healthy!

We're always working on improving our turf, lawn products and range and we're excited to announce our brand new formula Green Life Turf Health Booster Lawn and Plant Food fertiliser, a complete fertiliser system for your lawns and gardens!

Along with all the basic nutrients a plant must have to thrive, it also contains trace elements and a soil conditioner to help improve the plant's environment. Health Booster is proven on our very own farm to improve root structure and help the uptake of nutrients and water.

Composition: We've added more nitrogen and potassium, with slightly less phosphorus, added Calcium, trace elements and volcanic rock dust!
N    19.64%
P      4.00%
K    12.69%
Ca    1.07%
+     trace elements
+     volcanic ash dust

Coverage (10kg): 300m2

Why We Love This Product: It's the perfect blend in today's Australian climate!

Grass Guru Recommends: Use appox. 34g/m2 (about one large handful per square metre), and rake into the surface of your lawn or carefully over your soil in garden beds. Fertilise your lawn every 10-12 weeks.

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