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Weed Control Winter Grass Killer [Amgrow]


Need to get rid of winter grass?  
Amgrow Winter Grass Weed Killer!

Winter grass (also known as Poa annua) is a light green, fine leaf weed that invades lawns throughout winter. Winter grass spreads quickly and deprives your lawn of nutrients leaving it damaged, dying or dead. Not nice for your beautiful lawn! It will continue to spread until it is treated and killed off.

Treat winter grass with Amgrow Winter Grass Killer ('Amgrow Chemspray Weed Control Winter Grass Killer'), suitable for buffalo (including Sir Walter DNA Certified Buffalo), couch (including Nullarbor Couch), bent, ryegrass, brown top and bluegrass.

Composition: 175g/L Endothal.

Coverage (100ml): One bottle covers 600m2, though you should consider how many applications you will need. If your lawn requires three applications, one bottle will cover 200m2.

How To Use This Product: Measure 15ml of Winter Grass Killer and dilute in 10 litres of water. Apply over 100m2 of your lawn. You may need to apply two or three times to completely kill off your winter grass.

Why We Love This Product: Amgrow Winter Grass Killer works well and breaks down quickly, leaving no residue in your soil.

Grass Guru Recommends: Plan to apply three times. If you don't need the third application and have left over product, use it again on next year's winter grass breakout. This product is a poison; always store in a cool, well ventilated area, keep out of reach of children and pets or wildlife, and only ever use as directed by the manufacturers.



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