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3-Way Soil Tester Meter - pH, Moisture & Light


Lawn, plants or veges not doing so well? Got soil concerns?
Test your soil's pH, moisture and light levels!

Like us, different types of vegetation thrive best in different environments. What might be great for some plants might not be right for others. The soil your plants, vegetables and lawn are getting it's nutrients from plays a vital role in their survival and how well they do.

We love the 3-way soil meter that provides accurate and clear readings, no batteries required!


How To Use This Product: Switch the button to Moist, pH or Light and insert the probes into your soil where your roots are (about 5-10cm). In ten minutes, you'll have your reading! When you're finished, remove the probe and whipe it clean every time.

Why We Love This Product: Super simple to use, no mess, no fuss, quick, accurate and re-usable! Helps you create the best environment for your plants, vegetables and lawn. How can you go wrong?!

Grass Guru Recommends: For best results for your plants, know the ideal pH, moisture and light levels for your plants, test your soil regularly, and make adjustments as required.

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